Thursday 17 September 2009

Etched brackets for DCC controlled AJ's

I've just taken delivery of a sheet of etched bits for the DCC Alex Jackson couplings. There was a fair bit of interest in them at Scaleforum, and I will be ordering a batch of coils in mid October.

If anyone would like to experiment with these, get in touch. There are pictures of the prototype etches in a small 4mm scale 0-4-0 posted earlier. There is some video of the 2mm version in action, and a list of CV values on the 2mm Scale Association website.

One etch per coupling (more if you are creative with the parts).
Prices £2 each, 6 for £10, 12 for £20 (UK post free), 20 for £30 (UK post free). Small orders post is £0.50 in the UK.

The etch picture shows the components;
top left - box to hold coil for rotating Alex Jackson (and similar rotation designs). Approx 4mm cube with "ear" for rotating shaft above.
bottom row - three different flap sizes
top right - base for DG coupling (2mm/N)
centre right - tongue for DG coupling
centre top - alternative brackets to box for coil (for very tight places).

Folded up box with simple flap (no counterweight).

Folded up DG version.

Sunday 13 September 2009

Snape diorama for Scaleforum

Scaleforum, an annual exhibition of 4mm scale models, is held on the last weekend of September.
The picture shows a diorama with some of the buildings from Snape Maltings (buildings and painting by Richard Kimberling) which will be used to illustrate my DCC controlled Alex Jackson couplings.
The diorama shows only a small section of a much larger building, set into a temporary roadway.

Sunday 6 September 2009

2mm Scale Alex Jackson's

The Alex Jackson coupling is well known in 4mm scale, but less common in other scales.

Jim Watt is the main user in 2mm scale, and he sent me a few for testing with my 2mm loco with DCC controlled couplings. The couplings are very small and unobtrusive, here are a couple of photos of them fitted to a 21T mineral wagon. Since taking the pictures, I've noticed some clown has knocked the corner of the buffer beam from the wagon, so more repairs will be required. The buffer heads are my own steel turnings.