Sunday 11 April 2010

Skiing; Skarheimen 2010

(With apologies to those looking for model railways; fair chance the next posting will be on model making...)

A hut-to hut tour through Skarheimen, March 2010. Weather mixed, good some days (hence pictures!), poor others.

Arriving at the first hut, staffed.

Start of long day climbing a 1750m peak.

Peak appears through light cloud...

Further up, peak is immediately above skiiers, still nearly 2hrs until the top. One to right heavily corniced.

View from the top; lake is around 800m below, mountain in far distance perhaps 70km away.

Unstaffed hut; home for two nights.

Staffed hut under spectacular rock edge. But weather not good !

Journey's end, the road in the valley with a bus stop !

Skiing; Kvitavatn 2010

Early February 2010, possibly the best weather I have ever had skiing in mountains; whole week of sunshine, good visibility and only one windy day. Long days of up to 25km and 1000m of climbing - no ski lifts if you want to get into the wilderness !