Sunday, 28 September 2008

NCE command station wierdness

I ran my Armstrong loco with DCC controlled uncouplers on an NCE PowerCab at Scaleforum. This is a different command station to the ones I have at home (Sprog, Bachmann EZ and Digitrax Zephyr).

Under the NCE, the behaviour was slightly odd; on most occaisions (but not quite all!) the loco would not stop at the end of the uncoupling sequence, but carried on driving along the track at constant low speed. The only way I found to stop it was the "Stop" key on the NCE, then turn off the uncoupler function. On getting home, I checked the loco on my Zephyr, and it behaved normally, so I conclude its something about the NCE and Zimo chip pairing.

I'd appreciate an explanation as to why this happened.

Also, having played with the NCE, I am correct in deciding that it's not the right controller for me, too big/heavy in the hand, too many buttons (well grouped compared to many, but its still far too many for driving a train), the number keys are badly arranged so I routinely hit "6" when aiming for "5" (have they never seen the square plan of calculators/keyboards!). I can see why its a popular command station and I will still leave it on my list of suggestions to others looking for a DCC starter system, but the standard recommendation of "try several different systems before buying" applies !

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