Thursday, 23 June 2011

YADCV ( Yet another DCC Coupler Video )

I've done another DCC coupler design, in a Farish class 14 diesel. This one is a commission installation for another modeller (like certain famous motor cars, if you have to ask the price, you can't afford it!)

This time the coils are within the N scale NEM coupler pockets, and the DG couplers are on the loco body. This makes maintenance very much simpler as the fragile parts are well protected and the mechanical parts are slightly modified standard aftermarket couplers. The couplers are "handed" to match the stock on the layout in question where DG loops are only fitted at one end of the stock. So, the loco has a normal loop at one end which can be lifted, and a "lifter" at the other which lifts the loop from a wagon off the loco coupler.

I'll post some drawings at some point, but a bit of video to illustrate how it all works. The loco is a Farish Class 14 diesel, with the wheels turned down and re-gauged to run on 2mm Finescale track. Chip is a CT DCX75.

Blogger's video feature seems to be broken, so I've had to put it on YouTube

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